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Embracing Winter. Since 1929. Unexpectedly lonely.

For the first time since our opening in the year of 1929, we will not be able have the pleasure of greeting our guests. The regulations, in the attempt of containing this worldwide pandemic, are restraining us from doing so. Not every European government sees this necessity, however it does not lie in our hands to influence this decision.
Despite our luck to be able to personally enjoy the delights of winter even this year, we sadly cannot share these with you.
Consequently we have heavy-heartedly learnt how much the life in the hotel contributes to such glee: Arrival, Linger and Farewell. The pleasant fatigue after skiing, jubilant, suntanned faces after a long day in the fresh air enjoying the midday sun on the terrace, conviviality amongst the family at dinner, cheerful groups at the bar. Slightly wistful at departure but simultaneously however the joy of a return in the not too far future.
Not only are you missing the mountain air and the carefree and relaxing feeling of a holiday shared with friends – we are missing your company: the contentment of a reunion, the possibility of spending time caught in conversations with people that enrich our lives, the blessing of finally seeing numerous friends again.
We is a reference to both our family as well as our employees.
If this pandemic has taught us something then it is to never underestimate our need and desire of interaction as social human beings. Our job is and remains to welcome guests. We can only hope that this lesson is soon to be over and that we will be able to see you all, untroubled, as we have done for the past years and decades with greatest pleasure. Stay safe!

Almhof Schneider, Lech