Lech am Arlberg
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Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech
Almhof Schneider lech

Nature and Activities

— Off-Piste Experience
Unspoilt nature, the most splendid deep snow off-piste and practically endless possibilities await discerning skiers. Highly trained ski guides take the off-piste enthusiasts to the most wonderful viewing platforms and secret locations beyond the normal routes. The challenges of going off-piste on 200 km high alpine deep-snow runs, which gives you a special feeling of freedom in unique natural surroundings, will stay in every freerider’s memory. Don’t forget to respect nature and pay attention to the avalanche warnings and the weather forecast. Your well-experienced guide will take care of these safety preparations and will explain you the details.
The Almhof Reception team gladly looks into the booking of your unforgettable Off-Piste experience.

— Heliskiing and Heliboarding
Heliskiing and Heliboarding at the Arlberg is not only an exclusive and spectacular experience, it is unique in Austria! Designated summits are Mehlsack (2.652 m) and Schneetäli (2.450 m) The run takes about an hour and ends in the romantic side valley of Zug by Lech. Heli-skiing packages are for up to four people excluding the ski guide and can be booked directly through the ski schools in Lech and Zürs. Find more information on: Wucher Helikopter

— Cross Country Skiing
With its extremely well prepared cross-country ski trails and skating routes, Lech Zürs am Arlberg offers cross-country skiers everything their hearts desire. Guaranteed snow and 27 kilometers of varied cross-country trails will delight both casual and professional sportspeople. The cross-country trails can be found amidst the fascinating Alpine mountain landscape and can be used free during the whole season.
Cross-country & skating trails in Lech-Zürs – an overview:
Lech – Zug, approx. 2.8 km cross-country trail
Omesberg – Zug, approx. 2.4 km cross-country trail
Zug – Älpele, approx. 3.5 km cross-country & skating trails
Älpele – Tannläger – Älpele, approx. 8 km cross-country & skating trails
Höhenloipe Gaisbühel in Oberlech, approx. 4 km (challenging) cross-country trail
Spullerswaldweg, approx. 2 km cross-country & skating trails
Zürs trail from Trittkopfbahn – Flexenpass, approx. 4 km cross-country & skating trails
An overview of the most attractive cross-country trails and skating routes and an interactive map of cross-country trails can be found on the Lech-Zürs Tourismus website.

— Snow Shoeing
Snowshoe hiking is the best way to access the most secluded and untouched corners of the Arlberg. It gives visitors a fascinating insight into the magical winter landscape and is a great way to get out and about in the fresh alpine air. Beginners to snowshoe walking are recommended to go with an experienced mountain guide the first time. Our well-trained Almhof guides with local knowledge will show you the right technique when wearing snowshoes. Our reception team would love to organize an unforgettable snow shoeing tour for you.

— Winter Hiking
Be inspired by the wonderful snow-covered mountain scenery and revitalize your senses. This is what you will experience on our over 40 kilometer long network of winter hiking trails, which take you through lovely winter landscapes and along cultural trails. The true joys of winter! Not only the sun terraces, huts and “Alps”, but also numerous staging points invite you to take a well-earned rest. Experience the stillness and enjoy nature in her primordial form. Follow the winter hiking map for detailed information!

— Mountain Hiking Trails
Experience the Alpine scenery from up high! The Arlberg region offers you the reduced price “Sonnenabo” ticket for travelling up the mountains and down into the valleys specifically to the connoisseurs among the winter guests. This way you can easily reach the winter hiking trails or just simply enjoy the wonderful view.

— Tobogganing
The spectacular route, which is just a few minutes walking distance away from the hotel, guarantees to be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Bobs are available for hire at the Hotel Reception. A 1.2-kilometre toboggan run winds its way through the forest of Lech and has several tight twists in store. The high-speed descent just before the last station is guaranteed to cause adrenaline levels to really skyrocket. Tremendous fun, which can be repeated quickly as the Oberlech mountain railway, takes adventurous souls back to the start within four minutes.

— Horse Sleigh Rides
Trotting with two horsepowers through the snowy winter scenery and enjoying a relaxing break from your winter sports holidays. Let your eyes wander through the Winterwald during a horse-drawn sleigh ride and feel the clear and cold air in your face. End the day with a delicious fondue evening in the rustic Restaurant Klösterle. The friendly team at the Almhof Reception gladly assists you with the booking of your horse sleigh ride with pick up at the hotel door.

— Curling and Iceskating
The natural ice rink at Zürs is a particular highlight. You can turn pirouettes here and enjoy the view over the surrounding alpine scenery. The first and only air-conditioned hotel ice rink in Europe in the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon offers you 300 square meters of artificial ice for ice skating and curling. Enjoy its icy delights! Beautifully located natural ice rink in the Zug-Valley, turns into a evening winter wonderland.

— Paragliding
Take off the ground and experience freedom without the usual limitations or a noisy engine. Hover in the fresh air connected with the wing by a few strings. Enjoy the gorgeous landscape and feel the force of the atmosphere. Get out of your day-to-day life to be with you in your presence. Flying is a particularly useful possibility to experience that state. We are looking forward to book your tandem flight adventure from the Kriegerhorn via “Flight Connetion Arlberg”

— Ice Climbing
The Frozen waterfalls are optimal conditions for ice climbing in the Arlberg region. The Alpine Centre Lech offers plenty of longer tours for experienced ice climbers and taster courses for beginners in the ice-climbing garden. The optimal conditions for ice climbing are from the end of December to the start of March.