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Data Protection Policy


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) obliges companies to handle appropriately and especially protect personal data.

Data privacy concerns us as a hotel in many ways: data protection relates to information we obtain from our guests and employees and concerns the way in which we and the firms and institutions we cooperate with and to whom we in some rare cases must pass on data, administrate and process these.

It is a self-evident fact that we handle sensitive personal data with utmost discretion and care, in accordance with legal requirements and – as far as possible – only in the area of responsibility of the persons directly concerned.

For certain purposes. i.e. in order to meet our legal obligations (for example the registration system) or for procurements and purchases in your name and with your consent, it is sometimes unavoidable to pass on personal data such as name, date of birth, address, e-mail address or the like, to third parties.


As a matter of principle, we only collect and save data to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of our services and legal obligations.

In addition, we in some cases also save information that help us meet your high demands for highly individualized service, i.e. previous stays, the requested room category, your preferred newspaper, possible allergies etc.

We only collect, process and use the above-mentioned data in the case you have placed them at our disposal, insofar as this is legally permitted and you have consented to it. This usually occurs when you enter into a business relationship (as client or co-worker) with us.

 We never pass on the data provided by you without your consent to third parties, in the context of a sale or rental for commercial purposes, or give access to unauthorized third parties.


Our employees and suppliers/partners are also obligated to the utmost discretion and complete compliance with legal regulations. We instruct them regularly.

 Data which we gather from you as our customer (for instance in case of an inquiry or the booking of rooms, meals, visits to the spa and the like) may also be stored beyond the statutory period of 7 years.

 Almhof Schneider is not only a house with a long history, but most of all a house with many regular guests. We therefore store your data, even if you do not come to us for a year.

 You have the option at any time to view, change, supplement or have the data that we have stored deleted completely.

We operate IT systems, security installations and websites that collect, process and store data largely automatically, in compliance with legal requirements.


This includes access restrictions and video recordings, which we have installed in critical areas of the hotel (entrances and accesses, parking lot, ski room) for the avoidance and possible subsequent clarification of unauthorized entry or material damage. Appropriate signs point out these areas.

 Our systems, their safekeeping and operating comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The collected data and recordings are deleted immediately after expiration of the use or after the legal deadline.

 Please contact us in case of objections or questions regarding our data protection, the inspection, modification and deletion of your personal data stored and the protection of your rights within the scope of the Data Protection Act any time informally at our postal address or via e-mail at:

Tannberg 59
6764 Lech