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Kunstraum Zug - Gironcoli


Kunstraum Zug

With KUNSTRAUM ZUG, Katia and Gerold Schneider have established a new exhibition space in the Zug part of Lech.

In December KUNSTRAUM ZUG, a project by allmeinde commongrounds, is pleased to present the exhibition SPECIFIC OBJECTS by Aldo Bakker. The exhibition features a collection of pouring vessels, displayed at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague in 2022, alongside larger objects in wood.


“The objects Aldo Bakker designs can be categorized as sculpture, furniture, and pouring vessels. For the last category Bakker uses the Dutch neologism schenkers. The verb „schenken“ in Dutch, is an ambiguous word, as it means to pour („aus-schenken“ in German), but also to give. The German noun „Schenker“, however, only refers to a person who gives, but not to a vessel that pours. But pouring is giving. That suggests that Bakker’s neologism „Schenker„ does not refer to run-of-the-mill vessels that pour water, oil, vinegar, or salt, but also to objects that give new forms to the world. Subsequently, also his sculptures and furniture are examples of new forms given to the world.

„In Bakker’s universe fascinating forms are never complex. But their lack of complexity does not mean that his forms are simple.“

Ernst van Alphen, Giving new forms to the world’, 2022

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10 December 2023 to 1 April 2024
Thursday, Friday, Sunday
3pm – 6pm
or by appointment
Zug 388, 6764 Lech
+43 664 51 67 870 | info@allmeinde.org | www.allmeinde.org

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