Lech am Arlberg
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Kunstraum Zug - Gironcoli

Kunstraum Zug

Katia and Gerold Schneider have established a new exhibition space in the Zug part of Lech.

Kunstraum Zug- Getzner

For the exhibition at Kunstraum Zug, Vorarlberg-born artists Christoph and Markus Getzner have conceptualized a new group of works.

„It is essential to reflect on the scope of human action and the long-term consequences of our actions for humans, animals, and nature and to act with a sense of intergenerational responsibility. Sometimes, however, there are periods where we are faced with an uncertain future and not enough solid knowledge to solve our problems.“

December 2023 to April 2024
Thursday, Friday, Sunday
3pm – 6pm
or by appointment
Zug 388, 6764 Lech
+43 664 15 20 008 | info@allmeinde.org | www.allmeinde.org

Download the exhibition card