Lech am Arlberg
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Restaurant Klösterle
Restaurant Klösterle, Food
Restaurant Klösterle, Lech
Restaurant Klösterle, Dessert

Restaurant Klösterle

“Klösterle by Jakob & Ethel”
Gault Millau: Newcomer of the Year 2021

As a stand-alone concept, the Klösterle has evolved into a new culinary star on the Arlberg . Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon met at Magnus Nielsson’s legendary Swedish restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, where they worked side by side as sous chefs for three years.
Now they want to return to the basic components of a meal: sharing time, conviviality, and food, working with regional producers who share their philosophy of quality with sustainability and respect for nature, a well-stocked larder of preserves from the year, and their collective creative experiences. Jakob and Ethel would like to invite you to Klösterle for a meal that is inspired by and centered on what the rich Austrian Alps have to offer.

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